Friday, April 25, 2008

MySQL Users Conference 2008

Yeah !!! We win a trip to California after working too hard on a replication plugin for MySQL.

It was a 30 hours journey to arrive in California. The goal was to attend the MySQL Users Conference and show ideas developed in the context of the GORDA Project.

Mission accomplished my friends.

Me and my Friend Luis met a lot of interesting people and had passioned discussions on replication. Unfortunately, there was no much time to attend talks even the one given by Werner Vogels. There were more than 2000 people thinking on MySQL, learning a little bit more on it, doing business, doing contacts and hiring people. I was not expecting such atmosphere: everyone was breathing MySQL. Even the competition was attend the conference. There were many guys from Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.

In our spare time, we went to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate and Alcatraz. While driving through the street of Santa Clara, Palo Alto, etc, etc we came across buildings from important enterprises such as Google, IBM, Yahoo, Oracle, Microsoft and from important universities such as Berkley and Standford.

Nice trip, but I am afraid that I got excited for driving a Mustang as I did not pay attention to the traffic lights. Most likely my next credit card bill will give me a stroke.


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