Friday, April 4, 2008

Anouncement: Talk at JOIN 2008

Hi there, I will be giving a talk at JOIN ("Jornadas de Informática") in Braga, Portugal on May 1st. If you are around and want to "JOIN", be my guest (don't forget to talk with the organization team before :-) ).

The talk will be on Software Engineering.

This will be a great challenge for me once I am not an expert in software engineering although I have been deploying software for at least 10 years now.

I decided to take the risk and talk about my personal experience. I think students have their professors to talk about theories but experience is different, especially in software engineering that is so "not" used everywhere.

The title of the talk is:
Werewolves, little red riding hood, software engineering and other fairy tales: my personal experience in 10 years at the “software development” field.
There it goes a short abstract.
Over the last 10 years I worked on the developing of database applications in an IT Consulting Company in Brazil; managing the development of an ERP system; warehouses and ETL systems in the IT department of a Communication Group in Brazil; deploying scientific applications for my PhD and post-doc in the different cultural environments of Spain and Germany. Nowadays I work at HP Labs doing research on the development of a full-system execution-driven simulator for massive clusters of massive cores. Where and how did software engineering interact with my personal work? How close is software engineering to the traditional engineering? Or is it a long and elaborate fairy tale? What is my personal opinion about it? What am I using now and where I would like to get? This talk is about a one-man experience and his believes of software engineering, computer systems and a bit more.
I hope it will be interesting and fun.

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