Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anouncements: JOIN 2008 cancelled and talk at UAB

It is really a pity and unfortunate that the JOIN 2008 event was canceled. I was preparing a talk with the idea of having content and fun, something different than traditional so it would not be boring and, most of all, put students to think about and, if possible, discuss the topic.

I was having lots of fun preparing it. The idea was it to be presented like a fairy tail (suited to the title). The index was called "Once upon a time..." and the first theme was "Chapter One: When the princess became a frog" where I would talk about my first experience with software engineering in a huge software development where all the aspects of engineering were imposed by the contract and our consulting company had no engineering culture in the software field. Well, the result is that instead of being helped by the process I felt we would be far more productive without it (or with a different use of it). The software engineering princess (I know in the tale it is a prince but I rather prefer a princess myself) became a heavy frog :)

Anyway. The event as well as the talk are canceled. I wish the organization board more luck next time.

In the meantime I was invited for a talk at Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona about Post-Doc. The idea is to talk about my experience and how I see a post-doc. Title is:

Postdoc: useful, necessary ... or a waste of time?
It will take place in the Computer Architecture and Operating Systems department at UAB, May 9th at 12:30. More information here.

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André Xavier Costa said...

Hey buddy,

You should place in the blog a copy of the material you had already prepared for that conference. Or do you want to keep it for the next call (for papers)? Regards.