Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Do we really need another blog about computers, technology, software architecture?

I mean, seriously... If we take a look at some on-line blog statistics, we get astonished with the amount of information that is published on a daily basis. Nevertheless, we feel that there is still some room for our opinions and we really like rambling about our favorite subjects: databases, transaction processing, data replication, clusters, distributed and parallel systems. Even if these topics are not matters of regular conversations, we think that they still conceal a whole range of interesting problems that should be reasoned about.

Despite the fact that there are several websites, blogs, forums on these same subjects, in which important people from academia and industry express their opinions, we believe that this one can make a difference. The key point is that we are not seeking fame by publishing scientific papers on these matters, though it happens, or becoming a successful entrepreneur with a fat bank account and a product to sale (not that having such a bank account would not be a nice thing). As such, the content presented in this site is biased only by our knowledge and our passion. And yes, passion may even blind us, but you are more than welcome to ring the bells and sound the alarm. Most often these matters come into our minds, either because they are related to our work or just because it happened, and we drift aimlessly between thoughts and theories.

A little note about ourselves:

- We believe that there are so many wonderful things other than computer science and we really enjoy them;

- Though we are not genius, enlightened or bright people, we are not dummies also (at least we like to think that we are not);

- Also, we are not techies or computer geeks, we just like a good discussion.

Anyway, we want this to be an enjoyable ride, sometimes with new and exciting ideas, others with controversial points of view, raising the tone of criticism. We are departing to an uncharted parallel universe in which free thinking and free speech are brought together in a perfect synergy, and guess what... we want company. We are at the shores of a knowledge ocean and we have just started to dip our toes in it.

As of what it is to come... should we say: "Here be dragons" ? Most certainly. Jump in. Criticize us. Make us pointless by debating our ideas and not by ignoring them. After all... We hope to learn from you much more than you will be learning from us. This is our master-plan.

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Ronaldo said...

Well, I'll have to disagree with you, I think you are geeks, but that's an advantage :) Looking foward for new posts... ;)